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Martyn Stewart


Does he take too long to respond to your texts? Does he avoid using social media? Do you

suspect he is keeping a secret? How many female friends are ‘too many’ female friends? Do you

just want to know why?


Prepare for the most intriguing, entertaining and informative book you will read this year. Why

Men REALLY Cheat: The Psychological Secrets of Male Infidelity is an enthralling blend of

captivating narrative combined with up-to-date and relevant psychological expertise.


Beginning with the daily things we all take for granted, the book delves deeper into this burning

question progressing at a thrilling rate; addressing the number one relationship killer that has

tormented women for centuries. It has even baffled some men about their own behaviour.


Extracts from real interviews and questionnaires with hundreds of men, provide the

psychological understanding behind the excuses. From those males unworthy of a good

woman’s love to the appealing men out there who do not stray; ‘Why men REALLY cheat’ is

your directory for uncovering the secrets that every woman needs to uncover. It is your ticket

to the development of a successful relationship.


For the first time, discover the traits and characteristics of every type of man you have ever met. No matter what your opinion of men is, you will never look at them the same way again!

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‘He puts me, the kids & our life before anything else’ – Family Man (bCl)

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