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Martyn Stewart


September 2015

TimeOut Doha Magazine

Article: Winning against the odds?

Relationship Psychologist considers what can we learn from successful people which

will help us make better decisions.


June 2015

TimeOut Doha Magazine

Article: Does a healthy mind flirt with psychopathy?

Relationship Psychologist questions whether we can learn something from

stereotypically psychopathic behaviour


March 2015

TimeOut Doha Magazine

Article: Are you faking it until you make it?  

Relationship Psychologist considers the aspects of a healthy mind as part of a

four-part series.


February 2015

Oh La La Magazine (Doha)

Article: Relationship Psychologist Martyn Stewart’s insight into maintaining healthy

relationships just in time for the most romantic month of the year.


January 2015

Huffington Post UK

Article: Aren’t you sick of those toxic relationships yet?

Relationship Psychologist questions some of the hidden factors that contribute to the toxic

atmosphere of many relationships.


December 2014

TimeOut Doha Magazine

Article: How to get off Auto-Pilot: The Importance of Productive Thinking. Chartered Psychologist

Martyn Stewart stresses the importance of not just thinking positively, but productively too.


November 2014

Huffington Post UK

Article: Does the mid-life crisis start at 35 now? Chartered Psychologist Martyn Stewart

questions whether living in the information age, where every moves faster, has sped everything

up; including the onset of the mid-life crisis for some people.


October 2014 - present

Abode Magazine (Doha)

Column: Ask Martyn. Relationship Psychologist Martyn Stewart answers your questions from on

relationships, personal growth and self-development.


October 2014

TLC UK (Sky/Virgin)

Television: Jodie Marsh On… Lying Cheating Men

Relationship Psychologist Martyn Stewart is interviewed by model and celebrity Jodie Marsh as

she tours the world for expert opinions on why men really cheat. Not to be missed.



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