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Martyn Stewart


From the very outset of this project people have asked me where the

concept for this book came from. Why am I writing about men and

cheating behaviour?


As if you really need to ask. Intrigue!


People are probably lying to themselves if they even attempt to claim that

this topic has NEVER held any interest for them. Infidelity is so intertwined

in human existence that we have all experienced it in some format at some

point; whether personally or by extension. Idle gossip on the topic always

perks the ears up whether you were paying attention or not.


After writing several studies into relationships during my psychology studies; constantly being the reference point for friends and colleagues about their relationship queries and working on several different relationship projects I soon realised that there was one question that continually surfaced: Why do men cheat?


Everybody wanted to know, even women who were happy in their relationships are interested in the answer to this question (either out of apprehension or precaution). So to get to the bottom of the debate I decided not only to look at the previous research but to ask men face to face and get the answer straight from the horses’ mouth – and ask modern men of today their views and experiences of cheating. 547 of them!


I visited places where women rarely go but I knew the truth would be found. Gathering information from gyms, barber shops, sports changing rooms and boys nights out. All male safe havens; places where they feel safe and free to express their true perspectives and experiences regarding infidelity without fear of retribution or identification.


This led to the development of a highly successful seminar that presented the research findings. Everyday men and women came out in their droves to hear the informative and entertaining one-hour show up and down the country.


Obviously, everything that was revealed from the 547 men could not be included….but the audiences demanded more. The result - Why Men REALLY Cheat: The Psychological Secrets of Male Infidelity was produced. Everything you need to know is in the book.


After years of research, I was convinced that this book needs to be read by the public!




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‘I Just think he is hiding something’ – One Step Ahead (emX)